Good-Bye! A Motherhood Experience has MOVED!

Yes, you read that right!

A Motherhood Experience has MOVED! In light of our 2nd year bloggaversary we have given the blog a new home with more freedom than what we are getting here at Not to mention an easier URL for our readers to remember (coming soon!).

A Motherhood Experience was born on and that’s where we have moved back to for our free hosting. We will grow much larger there with less limitations for the type of blog we run. We love doing what we do and feel we can reach out to many more other bloggers, moms and brands through blogger as readers can now connect via means of GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT and such.

If you are one of our partners don’t worry! Your review/giveaway is still live online on the new website!

If you have entered a current giveaway through A Motherhood Experience don’t worry! EVERYTHING was moved over to the new site including your giveaway entries, all previous posts and comments! As for your subscriptions, you will indeed have to resubscribe over on the new site.

The only downfall to this big move is that our site rankings will indeed be low for a little while but we are sure that with the continued support we get from you lovely readers we will be back up if not higher than before in no time ūüôā

This will be the final post over here on Thought we’d say a final goodbye to a great host over the past year but unfortunately we are growing in another direction ūüėČ

A Motherhood Experience can now be found at: from now on.

Thanks and see you on the other site!

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Coupon Chief Review

Online shopping is a great way of quickly purchasing the things we need or want from the comfort of our own homes today. With a credit card (or two) and a coffee in hand, online shopping has become a common in almost every computer owning household.

The only problem is that online shopping can be a bit expensive. With shipping costs and other fees sometimes makes you wonder if it would be really worth just packing the kids into the car and taking a trip to the mall in person.

We were introduced to Coupon Chief, one of the fastest growing coupon sites with over 250k visitors a month. They offer over 50k coupons for over 15,000 stores, having one of the largest databases of online coupons on the net.

I love coupons, I have no shame in using coupons if it means saving money in the family budget. This includes everything from food to clothing to household items.¬†Coupon Chief¬†is flowing with great savings from some of today’s top online stores like Old Navy, GAP, Best Buy¬†and so many more!¬†One thing besides the thousands of coupons available that¬†impressed me is that Coupon Chief is community based, users sign up and share any coupons they find around the net. Also a great way to meet other coupon-bloggers in the community!

The site is easy to navigate with a big “search coupons” box at the top. You can search right away or sign up if you want to also share coupon codes you find.

The coupon codes are simple to use. Often when you get to the check out point of your online shopping there will be a space for a coupon code. Simply go to Coupon Chief and search for coupons from the store you’re shopping at, copy & paste into the checkout box on your shopping site! It’s that simple to save online using Coupon Chief.

Coupon Chief also has this great program Coupons-4-Causes. You can help support your favorite cause every time you shop. Just use our coupons for your online shopping, and Coupon Chief will donate up to 20% of the purchase to your favorite charity, school, or church.

Coupon Chief¬†is definitely a fantastic online resource for today’s frugal family! Check it out for yourself, you’ll be amazed by the savings you can find!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Coupon Chief. All opinions about the website and service are honest and my own*


New Room Finished

We have reached another milestone in our house, little guy is no longer in his crib. After a few days of having the house in a complete mess it’s finally done. It’s still weird walking by his bedroom and seeing no crib but a big bed, hidden somewhere in the Disney Cars sheets, my little boy.

Dh¬†worked extra hard this past week putting everything together. As I’ve said in previous posts, when it comes to building things I can honestly admit I’m pretty useless. I’m no good with power tools, they actually scare me. Measuring always ends up a crooked mess, I’m weak so don’t ask me to hold anything heavier than our three-year old, you get the point. I leave all that stuff to the man, besides he’s good at it, puts a lot of pride and love into the rooms he does. I put love and pride into what I do too but when it comes to this trade, he’s got full credit for sure. I’m very happy with the result, as usual. Actually in almost eight years of knowing dh, I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a reno job he’s done on a room in a place we’ve lived in.

We had quite the Saturday night trying to get him to stay in his room.¬†We had no problem with¬†the transition or having him sleep in a big bed. He kept saying “No sleep, I play with mah¬†toys!”. Every time I heard him out of bed, upstairs I went to put him back and again explain that K is already asleep so D needs to sleep too, it’s late and this is his new bed etc etc. It was just not working, He finally fell asleep on his own an hour and a half after initially putting him to bed. I know it’ll get easier, I’m not discouraged or anything, just tired. I think he likes his new room, what do you think?

¬†–Posted by @AMotherhoodBlog

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own*

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BornFree¬ģ Eco Deco Bottles Giveaway

Earlier this year we had the opporunity to try the BornFree¬ģ sippy cups and Twist’n pop cups. Both little guy and I love our BornFree¬ģ cups!

BornFree¬ģ has been a BPA-Free company from day one and was founded by three fathers concerned about the chemicals in plastics designed for feeding children.

BornFree¬ģ has launched an Eco-Friendly line of Recyclable Bottles in both Eco Deco and Eco Classic styles.

These are not just ordinary bottles.

Not only do they feature BornFree¬ģ’s signature ActiveFlow‚ĄĘ Vent that has been proven to reduce colic symptoms, when finished with them, you can either take the bottles back to an eco-retailer for recycling or send them back to BornFree¬ģ via prepaid postage. Look for the green ring!

Green. Right from the start.

To learn more about the BornFree¬ģ recycling program click here!

Win it!

BornFree¬ģ are generously giving A Motherhood Experience reader’s a chance to win your very own Twin-pack of Eco Deco bottles!

Mandatory entry:
Leave a comment below giving us one of your best Eco-friendly tips!

Like BornFree¬ģ Canada on Facebook and leave a comment to let us know you did, grand prize winner gets bonus Twin pack of any type of BornFree pacifier or teether!

Good luck!

*Giveaway open to Canadian residents and closes April 15th 2011. For more info see our giveaway rules*

*This post was written on behalf of BornFree¬ģ. Giveaway prize sponsored by BornFree¬ģ. All opinions are honest and my own*

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It’s all about Touch

Just when you think they can’t surprise us any more, here we go again:

Full review coming soon…

Posted by: @AMotherhoodBlog

*This was posted in participation with our HP TouchSmart 600 review series. All opinions are honest and my own*


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Welcome April

We would like to give a warm and sunny welcome to the month of APRIL!

We are not the typical “April fools” family. Pranks are mean in my opinion and only hurt feelings if they aren’t taken jokingly as they are supposed to. With that, Happy April 1st!

Spring is in the air, the snow is melting and it’s almost time to kick it into gear and really start the spring cleaning or in our case, spring clean sweep! There are only three more months left of school for K so that means only three more months taking advantage of getting things done with only one kid in the house to worry about. Nonetheless, it will give us a reason to have the two kids help out this year with the small chores.

For now we have been working on the kids rooms. Unfortunately they are still in a mess because life got in the way and we had to put the project on hold for a couple of days. We are going to have it finished by the weekend so pictures will be up very soon for that! I can’t wait to finally put D in his big boy bed. It will be a bitter-sweet moment for us. I feel a post coming up!

We have several reviews in the works and projects on the go including the most recent “Project Blissdom ’11“. Blissdom Canada ’11 tickets went on sale¬†yesterday, March 31st¬†(and sold out…) and I’m proud to say that along with @CouponMomCanada, I will be going!!! We are working really hard to get sponsors to help us cover the cost of the trip, if you have a business or brand and would be interested in having us promote for you at Blissdom Canada ’11 visit my¬†Blissdom Canada ’11 page for more details and how to contact us about it!

Thank you to everyone who has already entered the Only Hearts Club dolls giveaway! It is open until APRIL 17th so make sure and get your entries in for a chance to win the MEGA prize pack!

Stay tuned for more great reviews, features and giveaways here on A Motherhood Experience.

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New rooms sneak peek

Even though the border didn’t stick properly ūüė¶

More to come!

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*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*


New rooms – Pt 1

As I mentioned before, we have begun our household spring clean up which includes redecorating the kids rooms. We started by getting the materials needed for D’s room (which needs the most work).

With the help of dh’s parents we gathered a complete Disney Pixar Cars bed set, stickers, boarder and paint for the walls.

Last week we were looking around for used beds. We already had the mattresses but the kids were both due for updated frames. We did not want to fork out hundreds on brand new beds because at the ages our kids are at guarantee they’ll be changed again over time.

Needless to say we ended up getting both kids beds in a matter of days! Thanks to a good friend of ours for giving us her IKEA single bed for Ds and dh’s parents for picking up that IKEA bunk for K’s room! We think it’s great that both beds are IKEA! We were browsing there to begin with!

We need to remove some large furniture from both rooms, get rid of un-played with and broken toys, paint & decorate!

We will be donating a lot and most likely finally having that garage sale we keep promising ourselves but never actually have time to set up!

The rooms still need a lot of work but we are making progress and I can’t wait to share the final results with you!

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*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*

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$1 off Pampers Kandoo Products with brandSAVER

Pampers Kandoo is giving back to it’s fans this coming weekend!

Sunday ‚Äď April 3rd – you can find a $1 off any Kandoo product coupon in the P&G brandSAVER in your local paper!

The Kandoo coupon can be found next to the Pampers coupons in this Sunday’s P&G brandSAVER! Check your local paper, brandSAVER is in most news papers across Canada!

Don’t forget to follow @pamperskandoo on Twitter & like the Pampers Kids Kandoo fan page on Facebook for more fun savings & fun!

– Posted by @AMotherhoodBlog

*This post was written in participation with Pampers Kandoo bloggers. All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*


Only Hearts Club Review and Giveaway

Meet the Only Hearts Girls! Eight beautifully crafted dolls that look just like real little girls – complete with fashionable, aged appropriate clothing and a cute little pet!

We found these gorgeous, original dolls around Christmas time while shopping around for a unique gift, a doll other than the popular ones on the market these days. When we came across the Only Hearts Club dolls we had to get one for our daughter, I knew these would definitely be something she would enjoy!

Only Hearts Club dolls are geared toward young girls encouraging a positive self-image, listening to your heart and caring for others. They let little girls know they don’t have to grow up so fast and reflect what our little girls are like. Along with the play sets, these dolls allow kids to use their imagination for hours of wholesome play! Older girls will enjoy reading the fun Only Hearts Club book series, full of heartwarming adventures featuring the Only Hearts Girls and their pets!

We were thrilled to take a look at some of the dolls including ones from the Ballet and Big Sister-Li’l Sister collections as well as the Ballet Studio play set and of course Only Hearts Club books!

The Only Hearts Club dolls stand 9″ tall, Li’l Kids stand 4″ tall and are totally posable. They have plastic hands, feet and heads with glass eyes and long flowing realistic hair. The clothing is age-appropriate, the kind of styles my daughter wears. We love how detailed they are from the beautiful faces and hair down to the clothing, shoes and pet!

The Ballet play set is absolutely stunning! It’s double-sided, a theater on one side and a ballet studio on the other side. On the theater side you have audience seats, detailed walls, floors and stage curtains! The studio side has a simulated mirror, practice post and detailed walls and floors. The set folds up for quick and easy storage, when it’s folded it looks like a ticket booth! We were very impressed with the detail and quality in this play set as well as it is not entirely made of plastic! The wood materials used to make it gives it a genuine “doll house” feel. Other play sets available include Sleepover with friends and Horse &¬†Pony Club!

The Only Hearts Club book series features exciting stories about each of the girls. Each story one of the girls is faced with a dilemma and has to decide for herself to follow her heart and do the right thing. These books are a must for any Only Hearts Club member! There are six heart-warming hard cover books available.

As a mom, it’s nice to see such genuinely wholesome looking dolls that promote a positive play experience for our daughter. Not to mention the quality and pride put into making these dolls, you can tell by the detail and materials used that this company definitely have kids and moms in mind! The books are well written, detailed and made for older kids. The stories reflect real-life dilemmas that young girls may face.

Only Hearts Club dolls, detailed clothing, accessories and play sets are available online at

Check out the amazing sale happening now on the Only Hearts Club website: you get the ballet studio, two ballet dolls, one Li’l Kid ballet doll and the story book “Dancing Dilemma” for just $60!¬†

Also, just in time for Easter, if you use the coupon code EASTER11 at checkout you receive 15% off your entire order (before shipping) and free shipping on orders over $75!


Our daughter now has started her Only Hearts Club doll collection and you can too! One lucky reader has the chance to win a mega Only Hearts Club prize pack including:

  • Ballet Studio Theater play set.
  • Karina Grace Silver Star Pink Ballet Doll.
  • Hannah Faith and Chelsea Big Sister-¬†Li’l Sister Ballet Dolls.
  • Kayla Rae and Sydney Big Sister Li’l Sister Club Dolls.
  • Li’l Kid doll Melody.
  • “Dancing Dilemma” book.
  • “It’s Hard to Say Good-Bye” book.

Mandatory Entry:

Join the Only Hearts Club by visiting the website and signing up! The membership package includes a membership card, bookmarker and book, it’s free! Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us you did!

Extra Entries:
(You must complete the mandatory entry before the extras count!)

Don’t understand how to enter? Click here.

*Giveaway is open to US and Canada only. One winner will receive the above mentioned Only Hearts Club dolls & play set prize pack courtesy of OHC. Closes April 17th. A Motherhood Experience received product for review purposes. Giveaway Prize is sponsored in full by OHC. All opinions expressed are honest and my own*


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