Time goes by quickly!

04 May

Through the craziness of our ever so busy life I seem to have been throwing this blog on the back burner, trying to work out the kinks in the beginning of this writing career (if you will…) of mine. Having submitted my other blog “life let’s talk about it” to various social blogging websites and received nothing but negative feedback I’ve decided to turn things around and continue this blog for a while. Not giving up though because a website called Helium gives me hope. While waiting for responses I began some freelance writing on helium. 11 articles and a premier writers badge I’m not feeling as bad about the email I received this morning from socialspark stating my blog was “too new” probably that and my content ideas were running on the boring side.

Life has inspired me to write lately. I’ve always been creative, artistic and enjoyed writing about anything.

My latest articles have been more into the family and children category. As the nicer weather comes so do the memories of my children being born.

My daughter was born in august 2004, she’s already going on 5 it’s unbelievable. I still remember when she was born she was the most perfect baby a mother could look at.

My son is a little different, a miracle in my eyes. I won’t get into the gritty details and long story but he was born last march (2008) three months too early. He weighed only 2lbs and his chances of survival were slim to none. Suffering several infections, breathing disorder and blood transfusions our little man is now one year and one month old thriving and as normal as any healthy full term born baby! To read my own story about what its like in the NICU please visit my article on about Preemies, how to survive the NICU.

My children amaze me every day, love them not matter how crazy they can make you, they are yours!

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Life: let’s talk about it

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