Truth behind little white lies

05 May

Kids tell lies, there is no doubt about it and as the years go by it seems they are learning how to lie at younger and younger ages. Children obviously lie to hide things so they don’t get in trouble but sometimes it can be their little way of trying to get your attention with something.
My 4 year old daughter goes to daycare and almost every morning I notice this little girl always approaches my daughter and it’s never nice! My daughter is a very happy child, a morning person who’s always cheery. Last night during bath I noticed a minor scratch on her belly and I asked her what happened. Not making eye contact and fidgeting with her hair she tells me the little girl from school did that. I told my daughter if that was true I would have to speak to her mother. Right away my daughter corrected herself saying she actually did it when she fell on a branch outside. I asked my daughter why she blamed the little girl and her response was “because she’s always mean to me” Seeing we’ve already tried the friendship approach so I told her to just continue being nice to her and ignore when she’s mean. I told her there are other ways to deal with kids at school and lies still aren’t acceptible.
This morning my daughter made me proud. We walked into class together and again the little girl came up to my daughter holding a picture of a princess and said “see I got this you don’t!!” taunting my daughter. She turned around and said to the girl “that’s nice” and walked away!
I always tell my kids nobody has the right to be mean to you for no reason just like you have no right to be mean to someone for no reason. Hopefully it will make her a strong woman one day knowing it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks. We always remind her mom, dad & baby brother love her no matter what!

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