Let the gardens grow!

06 May

Flower gardens add a beautiful touch to any yard and are also good for the environment. I’ve always wanted to have a yard with flowers on the side but being a renter every place we’ve lived didn’t have adiquate place for yard flowers.
We just moved into a bigger duplex in march which includes the yard, being it march at the time was hard to see what the land could look like. When the snow melted it was terrible! A swamp of mud and dead grass, nobody had maintained it for over 2 summers at least. Now spring has sprung and the ground is dry having let my husband throw fresh grass seed to see if the soils worth growing grass. A few weeks later we are seeing little light green patches in the back yard! Eurika!
The fun part was when I thought the things growing all over my yard were weeds but my hubby pointed out they are flowers! Regrowing from a previous tennant! They aren’t entirely starting to bloom yet but so far we seem to have violets, tulips and maybe a rose bush.
In the next couple of weeks I was to take my daughter to Canadian tire and let her pick out her own flower to plant. Something special for her and I to do together. I love this time of year!

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