Little girls & flowers!

11 May

Flowers are beautiful, smell nice and can make anyones home feel more warm & welcoming. I recently posted about a possible mini flower garden project, havent got around to it yet as its been rainy and we need more supplies for the yard project.

My daughter is excited as flowers have always been one of her favorite things. Most of the weekend was spent with her asking us when she can plant her special flowers. Funny enough a couple of friends came by last night after the kids were asleep and brought me a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers as a mothers day gift. I thought it was a very thoughtful gesture on their behalf.

This morning my daughter spotted the flowers on the table and became excited asking where they came from and could she have one. Such innocents you can’t say no so I promised after school she can have 1 small flower. That made her smile, it’s always little things like that that mean a lot to kids.

I just love this time of year, especially when it’s sunny and nice it can be quite inspirational! Spring & Summer are great opportunities for families to get out there and do things together. Take advantage!

— Ally —

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