Social Networking: Twitter and Facebook

14 May

Social Networking websites have taken the world by storm introducing a newer way to keep in touch with friends and family, do business or find people with common interests online.

The two most sought out websites today that have everybody from Celebrities to common folk talking are Twitter and Facebook.
Both similar yet have their own unique aspects that are appealing to it’s users, in constant competition for popularity, let’s discuss them and what makes them useful in a mom/writers life!


First let’s look at Facebook. It’s been around since 2004, a couple of years before it’s rival. Facebook allows users to create profile pages with info, pics and updating status messages. Users can search for members by city, school, interest and also join groups. Facebook has updated it’s interface over the last couple of years to compete with those new sleeker looking websites. Facebook was originally used for new college and university students to get to know others on campus but soon became a nationwide craze!


Established in 2006, Twitter has been called “the SMS of the Internet”. A micro blogging website that allows users to write 140 character long messages to fellow “tweeters” as well as the capability of “following” other peoples micro blogs and having people follow you back. Users can upload pictures via twitterpic which appear as a link in the message. It’s quite a confusing concept compared to facebook but genuinely fun and easy to use once you get set up.

Now as I mentioned earlier both websites have unique aspects and I am a member to both. To me, facebook is great for keeping in touch with family and friends and Twitter is great for more or less “mini news casts” which can help professional advertise and market their work.

Like any website it is on the Internet so be careful about what you post online, have fun and be safe!

— Ally —

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