Long weekend coming to an end

18 May

Victoria Day weekend is coming to an end! We had a pretty busy weekend at home with the kids & dog but it was pretty quiet at the same time. Bad cold weather both Saturday and Sunday kept the little ones in and we all know what kind of days those can be especially if your kids are like mine and you begin running out of ideas to entertain them by noon!
My husband & I had a quiet night watching “Marley & Me” now I love movies but lately I haven’t been really impressed by a comedy in a while but this was a great movie. A lot of what the couple in the movie goes through reminded me of my life including the “worlds worst dog”. Needless to say the ending is a real tear jerker if youre a dog owner. It takes a lot of drama in a movie to bring that sentimental lump to my throat and well I admit it was really sad!
I recommend renting it if you haven’t seen it especially if you have a dog!
It’s kind of a lesson no matter who u are a dog will love and be loyal to you no matter what. Dogs are truly “mans best friend”

Give your pet a hug if you haven’t already today.

Dedicated in memory of Sasha Hart. My husbands best friend for 11 years and my first real encounter having a dog. The best animal so smart, loyal and had a heart of gold. My first memory of her was when I went to visit my hubby (then bf) she greeted me with her teddy bear šŸ™‚ So many wonderful memories so hard to say goodbye. Always loved never forgotten we love you girl!

Sasha RIP 2006
— Ally —

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