Busy day!

20 May

Tonight I was checking out an app I have on my iPod touch called QuickOffice which allows you to write documents such as .doc, .xls and .txt mobile and upload it to your computer via wifi. Now I thought that was really cool because it let’s me jot down ideas on the go for writing. That isn’t half of it you can also upload files from your computer to your iPod/iPhone including pics! Super handy!

I submitted a couple of articles to helium like I said and most of them I write on my iPod touch. As a SAHM it’s fun because I can work a little at a time on my writing during small breaks without having to boot up the PC. Mind you it can seem limited but it’s hand held so you can’t expect it to run like a full computer. And that would have to be my apple iPod ad of the day! (A little humor!)

On another note my mom & stepdad came by to drop off more material my husband needed to build our greatly anticipated deck, that project must wait until June unfortunately. We had a nice chicken dinner. I always love when my mom visits. She’s a wonderful person. She married her husband in 2004, he’s a good guy and he makes her very happy which is important. A little emotional sentimentality this evening, apologies I dont see my mom often. The kids were just

On an ending note I found some really interesting topics to write for, also a good friend gave me a tip today ;-).

I’m excited to start them but not tonight it’s been a great but long day! Good night!

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