Train rolls in…

25 May

Choo Choo! Thomas the tank engine rolled into the St Laurent shopping centre for a free show provided by Treehouse Tv. The kids liked it, musical, interactive and entertaining. For a short mini show it was worth taking a walk for. The light in the kids eyes when sir topemhat introduced Thomas live on a mini stage. Priceless!

Most of the children seemed very excitable, jumping around in an almost uncontrolable manner, adults just as bad not stopping it. Meanwhile my daughter sat quietly smiling beside me on the floor of the mall trying to enjoy the show.

Unfortunately unlike the other shows we went to see treehouse was not as generous and gave the kids a bookmarker advertising Thomas the trains DVD and tour. Considering Thomas fans can’t even read they should fire whoevers in charge of advertising!

Despite that our kids had fun. We had a picnic of mcdonalds afterward. A good day.

Just when I began losing faith in my writing I recieved a compliment from a helium staff member on one of my articles that was actually rejected for purchase but transitioned to helium. Makes me feel better coming from someone higher in the writing game than me. Thanks Peggy 🙂

Well it’s that time again when I call it a night until manyana 🙂

— Ally —

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