When the kids are sick

27 May

Nobody enjoys being sick for obvious reason of feeling totally miserable and not yourself. For an adult being sick is aweful but for a baby or young child who doesn’t understand what a cold or flu is it’s hard difficult for the child as well as heart breaking for a parent . Trying every remedy to make them comfortable.

Public places are terrible for collecting germs of all kinds. Not everybody has the same standards when it comes to personal hygene and not to sound like a germaphoeb but common sense when your out at the mall try to wash your hands and your kids as often as you can. Travel packs of sanitary hand wipes can be bought at most dollar stores too.

If you are like me and have a child who attends a public facility such as a daycare or school, chances are pretty good they will often bring home germs and other things they pick up at school.

One small step to prevention at home is washing commonly used objects like toys, door knobs and railings.

Our daughter attends preschool and constantly brings something home. She feels miserable for a few days with a cold and usually her brother catches it.

Our son currently caught a cold even though when I saw his sister had it first, tried to take all sanitary precautions but didn’t succeed. When he is sick, even with a slight cold it always brings a worry along with it. Our son being born premature and had apnea for the first four months of his life but with the congestion caused by his cold he has trouble breathing through already small airways. So we have to monitor him and take all precautions with him.

I think the worst part of being a parent is feeling helpless you can’t take away their pain or misery no matter how much you try but some TLC may just put a smile on your little ones face.

Time to check on my little miracle man…

— Ally —

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