Lesson when dealing with online classified to buy or sell

28 May

Things in life are expensive these days. You can’t get todays technology without paying the price. Using classified websites such as usedottawa, kijiji or craigslist can save you money but cost you hassle!

My husband and I have been using online classified websites to purchase and sell slightly used items. Typically if both parties are honest the transaction goes smoothly but times like today make you wonder if IRS worth it.

We have been looking into buying a second iPhone as my husband has one already and I took a liking to them! Anyway the easy way is signing up with a provider who offers the phone. Convienient but after you calculate the cost of the data and voice plans plus taxes and fees is close if not over $200 a month for one phone. Ridiculous! Right now the service plan costs us under 110$ a month for two phones.

Since it’s a no go for a new service provider and our current will sell us a phone for full price of 699$ so our second bet are the classified sites.

We found a phone at a decent price and made arrangments to meet the seller in person for the transaction. We left relatively early to meet for 8:30am. My husband tried calling her with no luck and she never showed up. Luckily we didn’t give her a deposit like she requested. Sorry but I don’t give money away without some thing to show for it. Either way we weren’t impressed. She later emailed apologizing for the “inconvinience” and that she sold it to someone else for more than what she offered it to us for. Oh were we insulted, ignorant much!

Standing a potential business transaction up without notice or reason and changing the price. It’s disappointing people are so ignorant. Oh well there are more..hopefully if not there will be more sellers!!

— Ally —

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