End of the week, End of my energy!!!

29 May

TGIF, Thank Goodness Its Friday! This has been a long and so far uneventful week half of which the weather was rain! It’s been raining on and off all day let’s hope it chooses off when I pick up my daughter from preschool.

My husband got an iPhone finally from somebody else, a better one for cheaper less the warrenty unfortunately. Buying used I prefer a warrenty just incase. Either way this person crashed it BAD trying to do whatever to it so my husbands been tinkering away at the PC since last night. Hopefully he can fix it because this is not cool, and will be a waste of time and money. Will update on that as it progresses.

Today after my chores of scouring down my house for the weekend, I began playing a neat little game “New York Nights” on my ipod touch, if you like simulation like “the sims” or “virtual villagers” this game would be of interest. A neat simulation about a character making it in the big apple. Cute graphics and easy game play. A recommended app!

Well it’s time to run and get my daughter from preschool, then supper!

Later gator!

— Ally —

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