Good news in gadgets and games!

01 Jun

It was a long weekend where everyone was tired from the week still and the weather not so nice.

My hubby worked hours into a couple of days to try and fix that iPhone he had bought but no luck had him to the point of almost selling it when he found somebody who could help. Now everything is good and my hubby is happily personalizing his new gadget and I’m getting back into things after being out of the online world for a couple of days.

My hubby passed on his iPhone 2G to me so I am selling my iPod touch and accessories on kijiji and usedottawa. So far I’ve had one offer for a trade iPod for gas scooter. I laughed, what would I need that for? I’m almost 28 here not 13 LOL nice try but no thanks!

In gaming news just as I get my iPhone I find out the sims 3 is released Tuesday on of mac and iPhone/iPod touch. Can’t wait I’ve always been a fan of the sims! Yet another electronic addiction.

We set up our daughters v-smile game yesterday. It’s ok but I find it a little out dated to the graphic quality she’s used to and it seems as if the machine might be rough on our new tv which is not cool. I’ll have to read up on the specs incase it’s not meant for a projection theater screen. If it’s defective it’s going back to zellers!

Being a quiet weekend still kept busy with the kids, I didn’t have a chance to write for helium, I did start one draft bUt I might scrap it.

Anyways late night going to bed:)

— Post From My iPhone

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