The craziness continues!!

03 Jun

What a week this has been! We started off the week alright by selling my old cellphone on a used buy and sell website called it’s a handy and free place to buy and sell things!

Anyway we did groceries Monday with the two kids on tow, on foot, in the pouring rain!!

As crazy as it sounds we really have no other alternative, but got it donevwith some determination. We’ve all felt kind of wrecked since.

Yesterday we ran some other errands and got a iTunes card in hopes to buy the sims 3 which released yesterday at the app store. Found out iTunes aren’t good for apps so we had to get a prepaid credit card to buy it. I don’t mind so much all the updates after are free and it’s an EA game! Usually worth it.

Now after all that my son isn’t feeling well. I had to reschedule two appointments from tomorrow because he’s got a cold and cramps (maybe the cereal he ate?) poor guy I hope I don’t have to go to cheo with him!

So busy lately I haven’t had a chance to post on helium at all! Ugh it’s never going to work with the life I have right now. I’ll try anyways never give up!

Oh update on I declined it because lack of popularity and reference to the site.

Keep dreaming!

— Post From My iPhone

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