Little stars mean a lot…at least to me.

09 Jun

Being part of the helium community so far has been fun. Even though I haven’t sold a piece (yet) I am still gaining my writers reputation through helium genius writing star and rating star programs.

For a while I had been producing article after article, going back revising and editing any dumb mistakes I had missed before hitting the publish button, and my ratings went up!

Within a few weeks of being a member I earned 1 writing star and a marketplace premier writer badge. I seemed to have been stuck with those stars until I checked yesterday and noticed I had 2 writing stars and finally after waiting my very own gold rating star.

I was pretty happy after all my hard work was showing but this morning was the real kicker. I logged into helium and visited my stats page to see 3 writing stars and 2 gold rating stars!

After the bad news I recieved this afternoon these little stars give me something to smile about…my stats:

A friend told me to say it loud and proud “I am a writer!” 🙂

Dream on …

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