Tuesday bluesday!

09 Jun

“it’s raining, it’s pouring! The old man is snoring!” Raining it is, old man not so much!

Days just seem to fly by lately and there never seems to be enough time in one to get everything done.

Last week ended with an afternoon visit with both my parents in law and my mom & stepdad. Include us and the kids we had quite the houseful of visitors all day! It was fun though and it’s always nice to see everyone.

The weekend was quiet, we took the children out, my daughter walked the entire way and we ended up with McDonalds for a quick snack after stopping for the kids at the local Dollarama.(dollar stores are great!)

It’s official, my old first generation iPod touch had been sold to a new owner. A very nice tech guy so at least I know it won’t be abused. The iPod still had 13 months warrenty so why waste is sitting in the box unused! Sad to see it go but it’s just an item.

Today I have a doctors appointment, a consultation for referral to an orthopaedic surgeon for my CHD and OA (congenial hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis) I can admit I am a bit scared.

Nearly three years have passed since I’ve been to a specialist and I already know the damage from use has gotten worse, scared to know what I already know I guess but I need confirmation.

With that scary note to leave I’m going to get ready for my appointment. I’ll update with news when I return…
Keep dreaming….

— Post From My iPhone

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