How times flies!

12 Jun

Already in the middle of June, once again we say “time sure does fly!”. This has been a strange month, having bad news this past week, bad weather and not so perfect behaviour from my children finally the week is coming to and end. We can all take a nice deep breathe and relax tomorrow night.

For tonight after having another long morning/early afternoon of running errands I decided to edit and publish my recent drafts for for those followers who are fellow writers and would like to join please, visit the website and sign up its free!

Total articles now on Helium: 36
Total Writing Stars on Helium: 3
Total Rating Stars on Helium: 2

I’m proud of my stats. I leapfrogged one article being Helium changed their rules on selling the articles (making it easier so no complaints) the only catch is you have to have it rated high and this particular one was lacking ALOT. Needless to say I got it done and I’m happy about it.

My daughter was having a bit of a hard week this week, after bringing home several certificates of good behaviour it went down again. She tries so hard, she knows shes going into kindergarten soon so the babyish behaviour has to stay back at preschool. My daughter is the type of child who is sensitive but has a temper, she likes to get her way and she’ll try anything to get her way. Basically won’t take no for an answer (I have to laugh she reminds me of her dad).

We have been working on this for a while now. Some days she can be such an angel and then others forget it! I know people say “thats every kid” but oh some days it just shouldn’t be mine acting like that! As I keep telling myself, give her time, shes only going on 5.

My son will be celebrating turning One Year Corrected Age on the 14th of June. It’s a big milestone for us too. He is doing amazing considering everything he’s been through. Monday we have to do a hard thing, get immunization 😦 I hate going for that and seeing my kids cry and theres nothing I can do but comfort them with a hug at the end. I can imagine my son on Monday, oh boy!

Well its getting late, time to get ready for bed and call it a night. Feels good to use the computer as it doesnt take me as long to write an entry!! Oh well someday I will have my mini laptop or maybe better yet my macbook (dream on!)

Keep Dreaming…….

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