The Monday Rush!

15 Jun
Nobody looks forward to Monday mornings, the end of the weekend and the beginning of another busy week. This morning I had to be up extra early to make it *by bus* to my sons paediatrician appointment. Everything went well and it was immunization day. He was so brave and didn’t even cry, he just looked at the nurse for the first one and the second he whined for about 10 seconds and it was over 🙂 What a brave little boy we have 🙂

The appointment itself wasn’t a big deal, he is actually a much easier baby than his sister was at that age when it comes to things like doctors. His sister did not like doctors, even at the age of 4 she still asks if she has to get a needle every time we have to see her Dr or go to the clinic when shes not feeling well.

I think the bus route to this specific dr we see is ridiculous. I had to walk a good 15 minutes to the doctors office from the transit way on the bike path which takes you ALL the way around and to get out I had to go ALL the way around again plus up an elevator, over a covered bridge and back down an elevator to get to my stop to go home. Pain in the butt! I’m lucky the baby fell asleep so he wasn’t my main concern when trying to make my way home. I hate going far for the first time when I have no idea where Im going. Been to his doctors before but always had a ride, not anymore, I bus it now.

On another note, I don’t care who says “crocs are out” or “look stupid” both my kids wear crocs (well immitation, Im not paying 30$ for my kids summer shoes they either wreck or grow out of by the end of summer!) Anyway today my little boy wore his to the doctors, it was humid this morning. We got about 8 compliments from different people saying how cute his little crocs are and how they “didnt know they made them so small” LOL I love baby clothes and accessories, mini versions to what grown ups get to wear.

Well its time to give my little man a snack, lets see if I can maybe get him to go for a nap. He seems FINE after his immunization, no reaction except a small rash around one of the areas but other than that he’s fine, Im only shocked because usually he gets flu like symptoms for 24hrs, same with his sister. Oh well we’ll keep an eye on him and see 🙂

I will update again later on…Im so exhausted!!!!!

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Posted by on June 15, 2009 in baby, immunization, preemie


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