Hot Tuesday!

17 Jun

Today felt like the hottest day so far this year. I brought my oldest to see an allergist, I don’t know why my family dr would tell my four year old they use a new tape method instead of those pin type needles for testing. She wasn’t happy and I felt terrible because I know it doesn’t hurt that much but to her it felt like a lie or a trick.

Tell her it won’t hurt and it does when one of her fears is any kind of pain even minimal, she gets a paper cut and it’s a big deal.

Anyway turns out she’s not allergic to anything but they still don’t know why she’s always stuffy. It’s almost as if the dr took a wild guess. I think she should have been sent to an ear/nose/throat specialist but I don’t have a phd so what do I know I’ve only raised her for 4 1/2 years!

Anyway we’ll have a follow up and see what happens.

I took her to McDonalds for a cone after. My kids are brave little soldiers. We don’t have a car so it hurts having to drag them by foot everywhere. Not every parents idea of going for errands or to appointments…


Still haven’t heard from the orthopedic sureon for my hips. I’m nervous about that. I hope it can hold up at least another year…it still hasn’t sunk into my head yet about needing a replacment, maybe I’m still in shock or I knew it…again another waiting game.

Well it’s late and I’m exhausted…try to write more tomorrow!

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