TGIF — Did we ever have a crazy week!

20 Jun

Thank Goodness Its Friday, the phrase just about everybody is saying today. The final day wrapping up an insanly busy and exhausting week.

Both my kids had appointments this week and both my kids were sick this week. My daughter had what seemed to be a 24hrs flu. Unfortunately it was passed onto her younger brother. Being a 15 month old preemie and having previous immunity problems (he had 3 blood transfusions last spring) he suffered a fever and a mild febrile seizure.

Febrile seizures occur in babies/kids 6 months to 5 years old as a result of high fever caused by infection/illness, in my sons case the flu. He will be seeing neonatal next week. It was very breif and I have dealt with this before my daughter had one at 11 months old due to fever, only the once.

Needless to say even though we’ve dealt with situations before involving the kids it’s just as terrifying to feel absolutely helpless.

The worst feeling is helplessness when seeing a child sick through the eyes of a parent…we are just happy he’s ok now!

Exhausted — time for bed and will update tomorrow!

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