Morning Disaster!

24 Jun

Wow I’ve had little to no inspiration for writing in the past couple of days. I hate when that happens. My mind is too full with real issues in my life its hard to concentrate on writing about other things I guess.
Good news I still have my 3 writing stars and my 3 rating stars. I put in another article today as well. One i had written a few days ago that needed some editing. 38 articles! I think I’ll reach my 100 before the end of the summer! My own personal goal. That and maybe sell one on the market, ugh I hate competing for publishers! Someone want to hire me?? Just kidding!

This morning was a RUSH. I was actually up early but right before we had to leave for daycare to drop off the DD my little 15 month old cutie decided he wanted to take a dip in the dogs water dish. Our dog has BIG DISHES because he’s a BIG DOG. Well lets just say my kitchen floor was flooded and I had 15 minutes left to change the baby and get our butts moving to the school. Luckily my DH hadn’t left yet so he helped clean it up while I got the kids out the door. Right on time. Speaking of which I’m leaving shortly to pick up DD. This should be interesting my first time going to get her alone with her brother in the stroller lol

Time to get ready and do that until next entry — Keep DREAMING!

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