The hottest day yet in Ottawa!

25 Jun

Today is hotter than HELL outside! 34 degrees with the humidity and we had to be out in it!

We had a bad night in our household, the baby was up due to the humidity and gas cramps…every half our or so from 3am to around 5:30am he would cry on and off waking everyone but his sister. Several attemps to calm him down by the time we finally got to sleep the birds were chirping and soon after my alarm was going off to begin another day.

After getting less than three hours of sleep nobody was in a good mood this morning, Exhausted or not obligations need to be met.

9:00am I had to be on my way to the childrens hospital for my sons neonatal follow up. My hubby had plans to help his father with a few things outside around 8:30.

Just as my hubby left this morning our daughter fell so back in they came to wash her up she was upset and devistated, poor thing! So she and dad went on their ways while our son and I went on ours.

I’m happy, no neonatal until after summer! The buses to get there are aweful! The 30 degree heat doesn’t make it any more enjoyable but it’s done!

Next up — running errands…still running on less than 3 hrs of sleep!!


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