Accidents happen alot in my life!

26 Jun

Running on 3hrs of sleep and a lot of coffee I was able to push through the day!

The neonatal went well and we went out for errands this evening…we went to get mcdonalds for supper on the go and my daughter didn’t finish her burger which isn’t like her. Figured she ate too many fries and moved on..

About 20 mins later I was waiting with the kids while hubby went to get a few things at the grocery store when my 4 year old announced she had to “go” knowing there was no bathroom close by I told her to wait and we’d go before heading home.

Before heading out we ran into some people we knew and haven’t seen in a while so while hubby is chatting our daughter is dancing “mom I really gotta go!” so again told her one minute. Well one minute passed and she goes “oh no! There’s poop in my pants!!” omg she didn’t tell me WHAT she had to do…either way when u gotta go you gotta go I guess…

Ok so now I’m not mad…I was actually laughing at the situation that’s how sleep deprived I am. We went to the nearest gas station…she’s lucky it was an emergency because omg that bathroom hadn’t been cleaned in EVER! so gross…after cleaning her up we finally went home…disinfected the kids before putting them to bed…

I finally got a phone call from the dr–seeing the specialist in September about my hip — scared but I’ll enjoy my summer then worry!

Time for me to disinfect myself with a shower 😉 peace & love

What a day! If it’s not one thing it’s another the fun never ends in my house lol

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