The heat, writing stars and a big fear…

27 Jun

Ever notice how the weather seems to ruin it all? Nice and hot all week great pool weather, the community centre decided to open the pool Thursday. Thunder showers Friday and chilly today Saturday. The weekend of all time to get bad weather! Now it’s threatening to rain next week Wednesday is CANADA DAY so celebrations may be indoors this year! As you can see I’m disappointed but oh well we will make the best of it!

The sun is trying to peek out from behind the clouds,much like my personal thoughts lately.

Unfortunately in my writing world things are slow.Having lost a rating and writing star plus seeming to have little inspiration…maybe my horoscope is right and it’s all about the planetary allignment!

Finances, appointments, plus all that hip dysplasia/arthritis/osteoperosys stuff going through my mind, I admit I may not be dying here but we are dealing with my ability to walk and that scares me. They saved my leg when I was 9 I’m just afraid they won’t be able to fix it. People tell me with advances in technology etc but I already know I’ve read many a testimony but those people I’m sorry were older! They didn’t have young kids to worry about. I’m sounding totally selfish again but this fear I can put aside and I have to wait until September to know for sure what’s going on.

For now I should focus in taking it easy & try not to stress. Key word is TRY no guarentee I will…

Dream on

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