Last Monday of June 2009!!

30 Jun

June is coming to an end and Canada Day is just around the corner.

Today was yet another busy day running around getting things done.

I have a couple of proud announcements to make. First, my son has learned to stand up with the support of furniture. It’s amazing he started crawling only on fathers day, now I know he’ll be walking before summers end. Everyone disagreed and bet he would walk by Christmas, in this case mommy was right.

My daughter has been doing extremely well at preschool, she had received a certificate for good behaviour last week but we picked her up early Friday so she didn’t have a chance to get it. So proud of my girl,kids are strong these days.

Tonight I almost agreed to adopt a cat. Busy me with my munchkins,hubby and big dog. Allow me to explain: I love animals, when I was a child I cried over humaine society commercials and want to keep every stray I found outside (not that mymother would have any of it) I lost my beloved lucky when I was 17. He died of old age after living in my care since I was 6. Nothing would replace him.
Today my daughter saw a lady with a black kitten. He looked identicle to my lucky, even had a white patch on his belly. My daughter asked the woman if it was her kitten and the woman said yes but he’s looking for a new home. My heart melted and I was thinking of taking him in, adopting him for my little girl. I told the woman I’d talk it over with the hubby and come see her if I decide to take him.
Unfortunately thinking has become somewhat of a hobby and reality hit : it’s just not the right time. I’m sure he’d need shots, litter&box, food,dishes,collar and tags. All of which (except litter and dishes) is already taken out of the budget for the dog. Not to mention the dog. Not fair to him or the cat because he’s not fully trained (listens when he wants but improving!). I would rather wait a little as cute as the kitten was and how sweet my daughters “please mom” eyes are, not yet. There are many cats wearing the “free to a good home” tag, we’ll find one when mom has more energy to take care of another being.
The decision will just be put on hold until the next lucky gives me that look.

Dream on–

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