Diaper Brand Wars!

05 Jul

For those of us who use disposable diapers for our babies needs know that there is a difference between diapers according to brand despite those who say that diapers are all the same.

I used disposable diapers for both my kids, currently still using them on my youngest. I have tried various brands like Kids Choice (food basic), teddys choice (PC brand), Truly (zellers), and of course the more popular brands Huggies & Pampers.

The store name brands usually go for much cheaper than the name brand diapers but I like to think of them as “you get what you pay for” leaky, droopy diapers that can’t hold enough for an over night round but are decent if you don’t mind going through them quickly. I tried the cheaper brand again with my son and it can’t happen, too many messes.

DH & I resorted to trying huggies when my mom brought us a box of them she had got on sale — wonderful brand, they fit properly, the tabs are not too big or too small, and of course hold a lot. After that we stared buying them when they went on sale at walmart. About a month ago DH couldn’t find any in our sons size so he bought pampers which were on sale.

Terrible for mobile babies! DS had pampers at CHEO because they make preemie ones but now that he’s mobile and bigger, not very good in my opinion. They do hold alot but they become heavy and saggy. The tabs are small and rip if the baby rolls while being changed. Yuck I couldn’t wait to get huggies again!

So in the diaper wars HUGGIES are worth it but shop smart for the sales 😉 they win hands down!

What’s your opinion?

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