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06 Jul

It has been busy since Canada Day! Not to mention the weather went from park weather to find some indoor stuff to do weather…Luckily no matter what gm made a promise to dd to go camping for a weekend and she brought her. Friday morning Gp came to pick up DD & they spent some time together going for mcdonalds breakfast 🙂

We had two days with only DS. He is such an easy baby, he’s on a schedule too.

The weekend gave DH & I a chance to relax and spend some time together.

Dds cousins were camping too with my sil and bil. She loves them but they live far so we don’t see them often.

She had a blast and got a chance to spend real time with her grandparents. I’m happy.

DD returned this afternoon really quiet and exhausted from her weekend. It took her a bit to zone back in but a good bath & early bed she’ll be back to her energetic self in no time!

Well time for this mama to get ready for bed! Adventures tomorrow? Well we a shall see 🙂

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