Disappointing last week!

13 Jul

Lately things have been so busy my writing seems to be being put on the back burner. It’s harder to write in the day time with both my kids under way, usually my daughter is attending her daycare/preschool program but she’s been off for holidays the past week.

We decided since the weather was bad and she was stuck indoors most of her holiday we will give her until Wednesday to relax. It’s supposed to be nice this week so hoping to do some more outside activities!

Saturday night was the UFC 100. Now, I don’t follow those types of “sport” but my Hubby does so I’ll watch the ones he says are important.

Since becoming parents our social life went down, not because we aren’t social or not nice but we have two kids, no car and no extra $$ to spend like most of Hubbys peers do because none of them are married, they have cars and no responsibility of children.

Either way Hubby invited some guys over hoping to watch the fight. Everything was going good I helped clean the house on top of my daily routine.

Everybody showed up and the channel playing the fight wouldn’t work. Don’t ask me, I’m not a satelite tech but we did have a bad storm. Anyway, Hubbys friends ended up leaving to watch it at a bar. My girl friend came with her bf (who left) but she stayed with us (the nice friend she is!).

He was so disappointed but we watched it via streaming Internet instead. Deal with the dish later.

If my girl friends acted like that I wouldn’t consider them friends. Anyway typical men for you.

Hubby was invited out but since having kids he’s not into going out at bars with his single buddies. I’m thankful my Hubby is so considerate of me and the kids. He sacrafices a lot of the “guy” stuff for us.

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