For the love of Apps!

15 Jul

Let’s put aside my momminess for a minute and lean into the geekier side of me. As some of you may or may not know I do almost all of my writing/tweeting from my trusty mobile iPhone! With Internet access and useful applications (aka apps) I can be both mommy and writer not having to be confined to a laptop or pc to write.

Let’s just say it’s my new age pen and paper. When I have an idea I can joy it down and save it for later.

There are hundreds of apps, some are worth it while others not so much.

Some of my favorite apps so far have been ranging from utilities to blogging tools, photo editing tools, social networking and games.

A few useful apps I enjoy-

-iBlogger: allows blogging on the go and hosts a variety of blogs including blogspot. Easy to use. Nice interface and load time.

-QuickOffice: it’s like having an office on your iPhone! Create, save, import and export via wifi. Text, .doc, xcell formats and more. Very useful writing tool!

-Twitterific Premium: A fancy twitter application with sounds and all! Tweet, DM, send images and links etc. Impressive!

-The Sims 3: had to mention this one. I’ve always been a sims game fan and so far most of the mobile versions are impressive. This game as well, fun and addictive sims in your pocket!

-Facebook: Who doesn’t have an account these days? What easier way to check up on my facebook on the go than my mobile app! Send/receive msgs and posts etc. Crashy but useful.

-Anti-Mosquito: actually works by playing a high pitched sound bugs hate. Keeps them away within a certain radius great for patios!
(@doby75 the iPhone guy found that one!)

-Game show games like jeopardy, wheel of fortune, hells kitchen and the price is right are addictive little time wasters.

Those are just a slim few of my favorite/useful apps I enjoy using. What are yours?

Until we dream again…

— Post From My iPhone

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