My Birthday

17 Jul

July is the month I consider “my month”. Not only is it in the middle of the best season, summer season but my birthday also falls in July. The very last day but July none the less.

I’ll be 28 this year. I’m not complaining but it makes me look back on what I’ve been through the last 28 years.

I would change a few of my own personal choices I think but over all I’m happy with where I am. I can still walk despite my dysplasia, I have two gorgeous kids, a loving hubby and wonderful people around me.

I found out the worst news possible (previous post about it) and I admit I let it get me down for a bit but it also made me think. That is what I do best. My mind is still in tact (on most days) and I think it is what gave me a kick into getting back into writing.

I’m far from the best but I have my shiney moments. I’m working on a blog article for you all entitled “Me, in real life” which will give you an idea of who this strange writing mommy is! For now though I hope whoever reads this can enjoy and perhaps relate to my motherhood experience.

Until next entry — keep living the dream!

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