Time to quarentine!

21 Jul

Illness is inevidable living in such a public environment, dealing with different types of people and places every day can be great exposure to germ collecting.

About 3 out of four canadians will not wash their hands. Imagine how much bacteria is on just about everything in public places from door handles to bus seats. Disgusting!

Having had my son in the hospital where hand washing is not a choice, as well as being raised by a clean freak (thanks mom!) I’m an avid hand washer and practically drill germ safety into my oldest kid when I see her not properly sanitizing her hands after play.

Sounds like your typical clean freak but no, DH became very ill recently with flu-like symptoms. We are constantly out and about unknowingly collecting germs so who knows, it could have come from anywhere.

Needless to say with all the news about H1N1 influenza deaths and severe illness lately has me worried as we move into day 3 1/2 of sickness. He’s got flu symptoms bad.

Upon reading the swine flu website on Health Canada it says flu symptoms should resolve on their own with lots of rest and fluid. I’m no Doctor but trying my best to keep hubby quarrntined from the kids which is so hard because they just want to help make him feel better and don’t totally understand they can get sick too.

The joys of sharing germs within your family! Hope this goes away from us. It’s been one thing after another and this tops it off.

To learn more about the H1N1 influenza and precautions you can take visit for information.

— Until Next Post…keep dreaming!

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