Nice end to a long weekend

03 Aug

Today was a civic holiday in Canada, most of which celebrated as a long weekend. I had a pretty good long weekend with dh & the kids.

Friday was my birthday get together and Saturday we took the kids to the pool to cool off and have some fun. Nothing special about Sunday as we were rained in most of the day but I accomplished a lot of laundry! (the joys of being mom!)
Yesterday my iPhone wasn’t working properly. If anybody knows me by now my iPhone is like my mini laptop. When on the go as “Mom” I use it for everything Internet or computer related from quick draft writing to my blogging. Twitter and facebook are my addictions as well as two of my networking tools for my online writing.

For some reason my sounds weren’t working, weird scripting errors in Safari and a lot of crashes! So DH, as nice and kind as he is backed up and updated my software to 3.0. It felt weird not having my iPhone on me, like my little gateway into the online world. I survived the day and now it works like a brand new phone.

Being into the Internet and technology for over 11 years, it’s like taking away from my daily routine. Rather than read the news from paper I grab the headlines online with my morning coffee while the kids throw cheerios in my hair. Not that I let them do that but it’s a nice early morning description.

Tomorrow is back into the same routine, dd goes to her preschool. I am waiting for her information pack to arrive for school. Supplies, anything to be signed etc. I’m getting nervous the closer we get to September, possible article about that in the future.

I received a more uplifting email this afternoon. My favorite writers website want to consider A Motherhood Experience to be featured in their Writers who also blog zone as well as in the Helium blog.

What an honour to just be considered! Helium has helped inspire me to become an article writer and has given me the chance to show my talent on their information website. Maybe this will be the boost I need.

Until next entry…Keep dreaming!

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