Great day, great company

09 Aug

As mentioned in a previous post, my family came over today for our annual family birthday get together. My Aunt, My Mom and her husband (aka Grandpa Jim) came to visit us. It was so nice to see everyone. My mom over did herself as usual bringing the kids clothes and my Aunt as well trying to make up for missed birthdays. It wasn’t about what they brought though, I just miss the old days of getting together whenever we felt like it. I grew up with them, its too bad my cousins couldn’t have joined us.

My mother made spaghetti sauce so we cooked up some pasta. Everyone enjoyed it, especially the kids. Of course we had cake for desert. DD shocked everyone by saying she didn’t like the icing. This is a child who a week ago ate a triple chocolate cake on my actual birthday yet vanilla was too sweet. Ds loved every minute of it, smearing cake everywhere…ah well he enjoyed it as he was too small on his birthday to have any cake.

I always get this empty feeling when my mother leaves. I miss her, we don’t get to see eachother as often as we like. When I lived with my mom we were close, I remember going out to the local restaurant for dinner, really I knew she just liked to go to spend time together and talk, which I didn’t mind either. At least I still have the good memories 🙂

She told me she will be back in a few weeks for dd’s birthday party. She’s turning 5 already, time goes by fast.

In writers news my blog is now posted on the Writers who also blog zone on Helium as well as the official Helium blog. I have yet to hear when I will be featured but I’m listed now 🙂

Well being as late as it is, I should clean up my house and call it a night.

Until next time…Keep dreaming

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