Little lies, big trouble

17 Aug

Let’s face it we’ve all told a little white lie or two in our time, even the most perfect mom can tell the best of them.

As kids we grew up with little white lies to get us out of trouble or to get us what we want. Even though being raised to know better.

Our daughter recently began telling little lies and she’s bad at it because every time, she’s called on it. Little things like yes she ate her food meanwhile the dog is licking his chops on the sideline or her brother is upset and she didn’t do anything meanwhile his favorite toy is sitting on her lap. Today however was a more serious lie.

She told us she wasn’t feeling well. Now, she has had a problem with her throat all summer and we are waiting to see her family dr in September to further look into what it could be. Well, she tried to play on the throat thing later giving herself away by saying “No, I was just joking, I wanted to stay home to play iPhone”. I told her for lying she has to have a quiet day no video games and such like it’s the weekend. She pouted a while and I asked her why she really needed to lie to get out of a day of preschool and she replied it was because she didn’t want to see a certain child in her class. Dd is no angel, she instigates some of the confrontations they’ve had but this particular child seems quite opposite to dds loving, giving, “everyone are friends” manner.

I explained to dd that it isn’t nice to lie and she can’t miss preschool like that over a child in her class. The kid is a year younger than dd so they won’t even be in the same class in less than a month. I told her if the kid is that bothersome to ignore it and play with somebody else. That’s what we were taught.

Dh and I spoke to her teachers, who try to keep them from the same groups when doing activities but there are 20 other kids to attend to also. The mother doesn’t seem to care that her child is mean to ours, the impression she gave us it’s no wonder the kid is like that. So talking to authorities has been pretty pointless.

Needless to say dd is having a day off today. Seeing we had no luck finding a not full or open pool this weekend & the pool across the way is open, we’ll take the kids out this afternoon. No serious running around today.

As beautiful as the weather and quiet as it is (kids napping), I need to get some laundry done & kick into mommy gear.

Until next time keep dreaming!

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