Starting kindergarten – in TWO WEEKS!

18 Aug

My daughter is turning 5 in 12 days and beginning kindergarten in 14 days, my nerves have officially kicked it into overload.

With everything flying at us at once and not much change in our income is looking pretty scary. Dds birthday means a lot to her & she without a doubt needs new things for school. Not to mention the monthly bills and groceries, you know the things we need/use to survive.

I think for her gift it’ll be one toy she really wants and a complete new outfit including shoes for her birthday. She has never objected to new clothes.

I don’t know why but I’m nervous about her starting kindrgarten. Maybe because it’s new to all of us. As parents having our first born on the school bus and prettymuch on her own in big kid school. Wow time flies fast, I’ll just have my little guy alone from 8 to 2.

There is a problem though which is one of the main causes of my back to school or in my case beginning school jitters. The bus schedule came in. Her stops are fine but the pick up is at 8am and drop off at 11am. Kindergarten is supposed to be full days, three hours doesn’t make sense unless this is a schedule for the first week but it doesn’t say of course. I’ll have to make a phone call tomorrow. Mommy will get to the bottom of this!

I know I will be fine but as usual thinking of the worst case scenerio. After all in highschool my schhol forgot to send my bus route and any important information I needed until days before. At least they gave me 2 weeks.

Until next time, keep dreaming…

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