Overbrook community day fun

22 Aug

Today in my hood – community day – @idream1

In less than a couple of weeks the neighbourhood kids are going back to school. This marks the end of summer ’09.

The city of Ottawa held the annual Overbrook Community Day celebrations with a DJ, garage sale, BBQ, booths about different city services such as health ontario and free contests to win prizes.

They were giving away Ottawa Sens shirts, insulated beverage mugs, pencil sets and more. I actually won a set of golf balls! I was hoping for a sens shirt but either way I gave my prize to dh 😉
We didn’t even know about the event until this morning our loyal dog freaked out at the people setting up the event. Dd had a blast. They were handing out free chips and dd kept coming back with bags, we gave one away to a friend from daycare she ran into.

Dd danced her little girl heart out to lady gaga and a few oldies. She won a prize, a little pair of work gloves.

She had put them down to continue dancing and somebody else took them, she was so upset so I went with her to explain to the lady what had happened and she was nice enough to give dd a replacement pair.

After all that dancing and chip collecting we had a couple of hotdogs on behalf of enbridge gas, that kind of made me laugh inside.

Hotdogs and watermelon for lunch and then a dip in the pool for the kids.

A fun and eventful day for all of us. Unfortunately ds isn’t feeling himself as he skipped his nap for community festivities but a nice warm bath, bottle and bed early he’ll be as good as new torrow.
until next time…keep dreaming!

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