End of summer – Now the fun begins

24 Aug

Summer is almost officially over as school begins for dd next Monday and she is beginning her earlier routine (both waking up and going to sleep) to prepare for her first year of elementary school, kindergarten.

This weekend we wanted to make special for her as the pool officially closed and events aside from the super ex are pretty much over.

Saturday we attended a BBQ at the local park (see Saturdays post for details). Everybody had fun, something small yet enough to amuse an almost 5 year old and 17 month old.

Sunday we felt pretty beat from having a busy week and events Saturday so we relaxed at home.

The kids and I played with super soakers. We made a game of it, since ds is not coordinated nor strong enough to hold his watergun mommy was on his team and dd had to try to get us both. They loved it, i had the waterguns filled with warm water too.

One of the best parts of being Mom is seeing them laugh, giggle and have a blast. Not to mention it burns their energy right out!

This week will go by quickly and before I know it we’ll be scrambling to get the remainder of dds school things as well as part 2 of her birthday gift and the rest of the party supplies for both dds birthday & the grown up gathering Saturday night.

The following weekend our kids have a treat as treehouse tv is hosting toopy & binoo live at the st. Laurent shopping centre. A 45 minute show for the kids. I think also it is a long weekend for dd as well.

For now it’s laundry and waiting for the mail. We still haven’t recieved dds teachers school supply list.

Until next time – Keep dreaming…

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