Beautiful Day.

26 Aug

Today is one of those days where the weather is wonderful and you should really be out and about enjoying it before the cold fall and winter seasons come back to haunt us. Unfortunately for me, other than going for an errand earlier and picking up DD later on, I’m pretty much house bound for today.

Doing laundry before it piles up as school begins next week for DD. Ds is resting at the moment so I’m able to slip away and get a little writing done.

This morning DH encountered the daycare director. She wanted to know if we planned to keep DD in daycare after her class in Kindergarten or have her bus home by 11am.

DH and I have been running it through our brains all week, we decided it would be enough with three hours of learning. It isn’t the exact same environment and there are elements such as homework involved which right now she has none of only being in the preschool program, preparing her for what comes next week in elementary school.

Tomorrow we are running errands to finish preparing for Dd’s birthday party which is in 3 days, the grown up party in 3 days as well as school on Monday. I think my brain is doing more thinking than anything though. I know it will all be fine just before school jitters.

Well off to finish my laundry.

Keep dreaming…

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