First time for everything

28 Aug

Today it seemed the pre-birthday/pre-first day of school nerves have kicked into high gear at the worst possible time as we have yet to get things done for any of it.

Dd does not understand the concept of days of the week ei she doesn’t know Monday from Wednesday. She went into school with her jammies believing it was pj day. Luckily dh took that embarrassment bringing her in but pj day is Friday not Thursday. So dh as embarassed as he was made dd go change into her spare clothes before he left. Daddy’ll show ya!

Later on dh had another full day of helping out his friend. Ds and I had a quiet day, I wasn’t feeling very well. Combination of stress, lack of sleep and being tired I guess. Rest up because tomorrow is a brand new day!

Dds party is Saturday, my mom is taking some pressure off bribing hotdogs & condiments, drinks and probably other things.

Dh & I had an exhausting week and there’s still one more day. Tonight we relax with food and a movie.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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