First week of school part 2

31 Aug

Big smiles for her first day of Kindergarten. Dd was so excited but it took her a while to click in that there is no more daycare, she said this morning “so this means I have lunch at home and go to school after lunch?” yes. Finally on the same page on that one!

It’s nice yet strange to not have to wake up extra early to get everyone ready to go before 8am. I wish they had told me earlier rather than forcing to get up early the past week to prepare causing nothing but a houseful of tired and grouchy people!

The kids woke up at their usual time. I didn’t want dd to dirty her school clothes so she got dressed right after brushing her teeth from lunch. She wanted to choose her own clothes. A pink long sleeve “Hello Kitty!” top she got for her birthday along with jeans with pink embroider on them, a pink vest she also got for her birthday and of course matching pink socks!

Normally I don’t allow it for school but being the first day dd begged me to put her new sparkle tinkerbell nailpolish on her so we did. She wanted sparkle makeup but that’s pushing it, she’s only five;-).

Dd wanted to pack her own snack as well so we gathered the items and she placed them in her Tinkerbell lunch bag, matches her school bag and shoes! She brought a juice box, two cookies, box of raisins and a butterscotch pudding. She wanted those specific items so why not, she was having a big girl moment. 🙂

After dropping her off in the play yard and meeting the principal and French teacher I spoke to the secretary and semi sorted out dds bus route. Home is all set but we have to walk her until Friday they’ll tell us what bus and stop for Monday morning.

Different for everyone, dd is taking French now, dh is bilingual but dd never caught on.

We will be going in about an hour and ten minutes to collect dd from the bus stop. I can’t wait to hear how her first day went!

It was nice. All of us went to see her off, even the baby who fell asleep on the way home. How fast they grow!

Part 3 coming up later!

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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