First week of school – part 3

03 Sep

Half way through the week and it’s been nothing but bad luck and mishaps in my world. Dd is entitled to a bus but because of Fridays last minute schedule change on behalf of the school, she didn’t have a bus to get to school. No choice but to walk her, which is painfully long with a slow walker like dd.

Finally today I recieved the phone call that she has a bus stop to get to school at 12:00pm and pick her up at 3:00pm same place. Nice location and happy they got organized because this was stressing me out!

The last thing I need is my daughter to be forgotten.

September is going to be a long month. With dds birthday and starting school the moolah is tight. It feels as though ends never meet. I just paid a bill and someone else calls. If I had a money tree you’d all be covered trust me!

Anyway my shelter and family come first no matter what. It’s kind of a rule my hubby and I have. If we owe a bill but also need an extra for one of the kids, the bill waits. As sad as it sounds.

I also recieved dds list of supplies that are required for class this year, those will be bought soon enough. This is going to be a fun month.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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