Labour Day weekend

07 Sep

Labour Day weekend has come & gone. Most people celebrate with a BBQ or getting crazy with friends. I however, spent it going crazy with the kids.

Friday I pretty much spent alone with the kids. Cleaning and doing my typical mommy routine while dh was off until late that evening helping an old long time friend of ours fix a few things at his cottage, the poor guy needs the help as hes on crutches after hip surgery earlier this year.

Saturday we visited another one of our friends and did a little bit of groceries.

Sunday the children got to go see the free Toopy & Binoo show at the mall as promised. The same show as last year but they got goody bags and Tim bits to make up for it. Dd was upset she didn’t get to hug them, try explaining “unattainable celebrities” to a 5 year old!

St. Laurent shopping centre has a newly opened Halloween decoration & costume store, right across the center court area (where they host book fairs, free kids shows etc). The prices are a bit steep if you’re looking for costumes for your kids (I’d honestly recommend walmart for the costume & dollarama for the candy bucket which this store was selling for 6.99$ each…) but for adult costumes, the price isn’t half bad because unlike our kids we can always use it again.

Dh and dd had fun looking at the displays. They have these terribly ugly zombie babies set up, dh made the mistake of showing one to ds who’s reaction was more “concerned to the point I feel like crying” instead of dds typical laughing because she knows it’s fake reaction. Needless to say we left shortly after. Ds is certainly more sensitive than his big sister!

Today was labour day Monday home alone with the kids as dh took the dog with him to help out his friend again.

Now the evening is winding down and it’s almost bedtime for the kids….

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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