Dealing with reality

16 Sep

Today was one big nerve wracking day. I had an appointment to see my orthopaedic surgeon about some results my family dr had mentioned back in June when I had seen her about constant hip pain due to my dysplasia and what to do about it.

After an examination the dr came to the conclusion I do need reconstructive surgery, starting with my left hip. He wants to review my scans with me, explain what’s happening and find me a dependable surgeon who can successfully work with my “tricky situation”. Having had reconstructive surgery on my left hip at the age of 9 there is already bone damage, he needs someone who can basically work on a hip that’s been worked on before. Much different than breaking a hip and needing a first surgery (as he explained it).

Next week I will go and discuss the scans with him and go from there. He is a great doctor I’m impressed by far. He said he was concerned because I’m only 28 and have two young children to take care of on top of this.

I’m lucky I have a supportive man. He had supper all ready and the children quiet when I got home from the doctors office. I know it’ll be hard but he wil always be there for me.

It was a quiet evening for me, feeling a little overwhelmed by the information I recieved about the future of my ability to walk. Worried about it, my kids, my family. Everything is happening fast. This surgery wasn’t supposed to happen until Im 40ish.

It’s something a lot of people can’t understand. Unable to participate in a lot of normal everyday things because I’m in pain and this pain causes stress and fatigue on my entire body. Thinking about it makes me feel depressed and basically useless. A mom who can’t even run and play with her kids. I’m lucky I can still walk right now and I know I sound selfish because there are probably people in worse situations than me but the thing is, I don’t know what it’s like to walk without a heavy limp caused by vicious pain from a disability I was born with.

I never understood what congenital hip dysplasia or the severity of it was. Growing up they called it a “dislocated hip” like a football injury or something. I can tell you it’s 10x worse.

At least there is hope they can at least help, not cure 100% but help. I’ll update on this story as it develops…

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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