Trying to get back into the groove

17 Sep

Things have been going at a fast pace around here, or at least that’s how it feels lately.

I was able to “sleep on” yesterdays news, the quieter I am the more thinking I seem to do. Now, knowing the first step of what the Dr plans for my dysplasia are in effect I can sort of put that major worry to the back of my mind for now and focus on my life.

I have been so concerned about everything else I’ve been neglecting my writing other than my blog and Twitter banter of course. Luckily I was able to post two articles on helium. I had prewritten some drafts a few weeks ago that just needed editing.

I have decided to take on a market place assignment as well. Previous attemps weren’t bought by online publishers but were published as the rest of my articles to be rated by other helium members.

Time to get back into the groove and this is my opportunity. I’m always looking at the market place for assignments that appeal to me. Ones I would need both self knowledge and research to write. I’m actually looking forward to getting things moving again as far as my writing goes.

Nobody said it would be easy but hey I’m still here aren’t I?

Until next time – Keep dreaming…~@iDream1

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