Productive Thursday

18 Sep

What a productive day if I don’t say so myself. After doing what felt like hours of research and jotting notes down on paper in a way I could barely make out this morning when reviewing these ideas.

None the less I was able to put my jumbled ideas into a neatly typed draft. Unfortunately realizing upon revising that I didn’t even have close to the amount of information required for the assignment although I did touch the surface of points the publisher requested.

Back to the drawing board, or internet in my case. Surfing and reading through informational pages on the subject at hand until I aquired the right amount of words for the assignment.

With the right amount of wording, quotes and references I completed the first draft of the chosen article.

I guess I should put “great at meeting deadines” on my writers resume. The assignment submission date is set for Saturday.

Even though all this work might not pay off in the end I’m learning through experience in something that I actually enjoy doing.

Nearly 9pm I still have a few things to take care of like returning emails and messages but I might slip in and finish editing that assignment for submission!

Wish me luck!

Until next time — keep dreaming always, @iDream1

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