On the path to great things

22 Sep

As most of you know yet some may not, when my son was born his chances at pretty much everything were looking slim. According to statistics of premature babies born as young and younger than him with as many problems as he had didn’t look good on my sons behalf.

Shortly after birth he was diagnosed as having severe brain bleeds. To the point they said would effect his gross motor skills, social development and possibly speach & hearing.

Our son was delayed at first, he had difficulty holding his head up on his own but soon after he mastered that he was on his way to rolling, sitting up on his own, crawling and now standing/scaling furniture to try and walk.

He has been seeing a wonderful physiotherapist at the Ottawa Childrens Treatment Centre. She has always had faith beyond the statistics and agreed with us that he will get it in his own time.

We had our 18 months physio visit today which went extremely well. The dr is so understanding she said since we bus to our appointments and the bad weather is coming she’ll call in December for an update and if he’s walking by then he’ll come in. If not, then call when he’s walking basically.

Once he’s walking he’ll go back for a couple of routine checks to make sure he’s walking properly.

Next up is his audiology test. I don’t like going to those they are brutally long especiallly with a baby active like mine! The things we must do for the health and well being of our children.

He’s come so far since the day we were told we were parents of a little 2 pound miracle.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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