Not Just A Doll

25 Sep

Meet “Curly Shirley”, one of my daughters most cherished dolls. Okay, yeah it’s just another doll named after a doll the character Ruby has on the cartoon “Max and Ruby” but she has a special story to go along with the stains on her once clean smiling face.

Dd had just turned two at the time she got this little rag doll. We were shopping at the dollarama picking up a few things and as a reward for being good she was allowed to buy one toy. Needless to say she chose the doll.

For the longest time she carried the doll with her. From sleepovers at relatives to nap time at home that doll was with her.

One day she brought Curly Shirley shopping with us and upon leaving the store we realized dd had dropped the doll. She was so upset we actually went back into the store and back tracked where we had been. The store was actually about to close when we saw it. Found the doll laying in the kids isle. Dd was happy once again. Just to show you what we do as parents when something as simple as a dollar store doll can mean the world to a little girl.

I bring this up because the other night dd chose this doll to sleep with (being older she rotates her favoritrs to sleep with now) and reminded me of the funny story.

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