I’m not a driver…yet.

30 Sep

I don’t drive a vehicle. I don’t have a drivers license. Now, I’m not about to break into song and dance as to why but we can say “I’m working on it”.

We do a lot of walking and the stores are located of course in one of the busiest areas of the city, east end.

There are some really disrespectful drivers out there who don’t yeild, turn even though pedestrians are crossing, and worst of all not paying attention. Most of the time the above accused are on a cell phone.

On a few occassions, one I remember like yesterday we almost got hit by a vehicle where the driver was on their cell. Not funny when you have children in tow.

I own a cell phone, so I’m not one of those anti-cellphone people. I actually think they are amazing devices, but not when you are driving!

It is so dangerous if you lose concentration due to a cellphone conversation distraction – anything could happen.

A while back the province of Quebec placed a cell phone ban banning drivers from using any type of hand held device while driving. Ontario is taking the initiative as of October 26th – cell phone ban for drivers.

I am happy about this, hopefully people will take safety into consideration.

See for details on the cell ban.

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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