Quick Cookies!

03 Oct

I was in one of my baking moods this evening. I didn’t want to bake a cake and I currently don’t have muffin pans to make cupcakes so I searched the net for something I could make quickly, easily and with cake mix.

If you’re not afraid of calories continue reading please.

You will need – 1 box of cake mix (I used Betty Crocker Chocolate Devils Food), 2 eggs, 1/2-1/3 cooking oil (soft margerine works too)

Step 1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2) combine cake mix (your choice), eggs and cooking oil/soft margerine in a bowl. You can add things like nuts, chocolate chips, baking cherries etc to suit your taste. However mine are just plain Jane chocolate!

Step3) using a non-stick baking sheet place a teaspoon of mix each a couple of inches apart because they expand. If you want crispy cookies flatten them otherwise bale for 20 minutes or until cookies tenderness are to your liking.

Let them cool and voilà! Simple, easy and yummy!

You can make a baking project and allow your kids to decorate them (while warm for best results) fun and sweet!

Okay mine could have used some walnuts or chocolate chips for texture and lessen the “burger paddy” look but hey the kids like them! Enjoy!

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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