Jumped the gun — oops!

09 Oct

I googled some free webstore hosting services upon getting my idea to sell my kids used clothes online and show them at one place rather than skattered all over

I had found one I signed up but was skeptical when asked which package I wanted and chose the free one.

It was all going great I put all the items I’ve rewashed so far in my new iInventory app with item numbers and all. This evening I began putting them up and pricing them.

I was about to add the last of my first 20 items, clicked the “add item” button and was brought to a page asking me what payment plan I wanted to proceed!

Thinking I accidently clicked something else I backed up and tried again. Same thing. I then realized the most stupid thing that if I had known better I’d have not wasted 2 hours of my evening time…

The free portion only allows up to 10 items. I read that when I signed up but understood 10 items per category/subcategory. D’Oh! What a blonde moment!

Back to google I went before deleting that waste of web space web store I had worked two evenings on – lucky enough I found a new and better web host through – FREE as it is also a free marketplace to sell and buy used items. Sadly I deleted the other webstore and will have to work a little harder on the web look before my goal opening date of the 21st.

Once it’s up and running I’ll reveal the address!!!

— Until next time…Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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